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  • Bamboo rice (known as Mulayari in Malayalam, Moongil rice in Tamil) is well known for its nutritional and medicinal values. Diabetic patients can use Bamboo rice instead of normal rice because the Glycemic Index (GI) of Bamboo rice is lesser than normal rice.    Preparation method - Hand collected from forest   ...

  • 500Gms of green Bird's eye Chili (Kanthari Mulaku in Malayalam) from Wayanad.Its known that Bird's eye chilli have anti-bacterial properties and also its believed that it can control cholesterol. Kanthari Mulaku/Thai pepper is placed in "Very hot" category among chilies.Availability of Kanthari mulaku is very less from starting of February...

Heritage Museum Ambalavayal

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum

This archaeological museum has one of Kerala's largest collections of the remnants of an era dating back to the 2nd Century. These are evidences of an advanced civilization that existed in the mountains of Wayanad. The articles are fascinating for the historian, the archaeologist and the common folk alike. At the museum are articles as varied as clay sculptures, ancient hunting equipment, stone weapons and curios.

Rare 2nd Century artifacts

Best Season:
Visiting hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Details: For more information about WAYANAD: [click here]

Nearest Town : Sulthan Bathery

12 km south of Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad district

How to Reach:
Nearest Railway Station : Kozhikode, 97 km from Sulthan Bathery
Nearest Airport : Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode.






Situated at an altitude of 1740m and accessible only by trekking, Pakshipathalam is home to several species of birds and is an ornithologist's paradise. It is located in the Brahmagiri Hills near Thirunelly. There is a cave here, which according to legend, was used by rishis (saints) for meditation in ancient times, has become a major attraction for tourists.

It is a challenging tourist spot for any adventure-seeking tourist. The deep rock caves; formed among the thick blocks of rocks at the northern top end of the Brahmagiri are the abode of various birds and wild beasts. The place is bet knows for the presence of `Edible Nest Swift light' as its nest is made of solidified saliva and is used to make bird's nest soup.

Here virgin forests, streams and steep hills together offer challenging avenues for trekking.


North Wayanad, near Tirunelli temple.
Distance Chart: Mananthavady: 36km/ Kalpetta: 71km/ Sulthan Bathery: 78km

How to reach

Pakshipathalam is about 7 km away from Thirunelli and trekking is the only mode of reaching this place. Thirunelli is about 32 km from Mananthavady. Buses are available upto Thirunelli Temple.

The trekking starts from North Wayanad Forest Division. From there one would reach the first point, which is the Watch Tower in one and half hours. The Kerala Karnataka border is in 2 km distance from the watchtower. Though Pakshipathalam situated in Kerala, we can reach there only through Karnataka. The landmark after the watchtower is Pancharathodu, which is 2 km away from Kerala Karnataka border.

Then Pakshipathalam is just 500 m away for Pancharathodu. The trekking is for total 7.5 km, which can be completed with approximately three and half hours.

Bus timings: to Tirunelli from Mananthavady bus stand: 5.50am, 7am, 8.15am, 8.40am, 8.55am, 9.15am, 10am, 11am, 12.10pm, 1pm, 2pm, 2.45pm, 3.35pm, 4.10pm, 5pm, 5.45pm, 6.30pm, 8.30pm

To Mananthavady from Tirunelli: 7am, 7.40am, 8am, 8.40am, 9am, 9.30am, 9.45am, 10.25am, 10.35am, 11.20am, 11.40am, 1.10pm, 1.45pm, 2.45pm, 3.45pm, 5.10pm, 5.45pm, 6.30pm

Things to be noted

Trekking must be started at 7.30 itself, as total 7 hours would be needed for the total journey
silence during trekking
Obey the instructions of the guide
Carry a first aid kit with needed medicines
Don't use plastic bottles and kits
Never disturb the birds and animals
Use jungle boots for trekking
Carry a battery torch with enough batteries
To save from leaches, rub a mixture of tobacco and mustard oil in legs. Carry tobacco and salt.
If leach bites you, don't try to pull them off. Just pour salt or tobacco over them.
Don't use liquor and cigarettes.
If there are mists covering your view, continue the trekking only after it depletes.


STD CODE: 04935
Trekking permitting authority, DFO, North Wayanad: Ph: 04935- 240233
Tirunelli forest station: Ph: 04935- 210377
Begur range officer: Mobile: 09447449119

Useful Info

Trekking Fees: Rs.8.00 for a group of 5 persons, Rs 100 for extra person, For foreigners, Rs 1000 for 5 member group.


Trekking starts from North Wayanad Forest Division 18. First point: Watch tower (3km away), Then Kerala-Karnataka border (2km from watch tower). Cross Pancharathodu in Karnataka (2 kms from Kerala-Karnataka border). Pakshipathalam is just 500m away from Pancharathodu. Total 7.5 km trekking, almost three and half hour journey.




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